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ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls!

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ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! Empty ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls!

Post  TwelveInchTailor Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:00 pm

Hey guys - been a while since I posted here, but I thought I'd show you some "work in progress" pictures of my current winter project - The Phantom of the Opera cast in 1:12 miniature!
ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! Q2awbohntch1h164g
You'll have to pardon the lack of detail - some of the costumes shown here were more or less prototypes, so the Elissa skirt isn't quite as bling-tastic as it could have been. I'd fix a lot of these if I made them again. But the waterfall drapery turned out pretty sweet, considering I'm working with 5.5 inch tall models (talk about unrealistic body image!) Laughing

ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! 3l1b1aetqb90u0j4g

The idea came to me after talking with Scorp and NightRachel over in this thread:Merchandise - if only!. I got so taken with the idea of ALW Phantom action figures and collectable costumes, I decided I'd have a stab at making something.
(and four costumes later, I'm still here, and planning more!)

ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! 49m7uh0p6g12d934g

So far I've made Christine's Hannibal Slavegirl outfit, the Elissa skirt, Meg's Degas tutu, and the dressing gown. I've used Heidi Ott poseable dolls where you can choose the hair -and they have ringletted doll wigs in a very similar style to the wigs used in the show. (I may redo Christine's hair - currently she's a bit fluffy Sarah Brightman/Kate Bush). I've currently nearly finished the Serafimo pageboy and maid outfit for Christine in Il Muto. I'll post further pictures once they're finished. In the meantime, have some pictures of the dressing gown!

ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! 12xe6e678h8gue54g

ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! 8xamkc937kqscz14g

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ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls! Empty Re: ALW Phantom Miniature Dolls!

Post  Blind Phan Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:03 pm

Sweet!!! Love it! That's an awesome idea!

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