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Phantom 11/9

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Phantom 11/9 Empty Phantom 11/9

Post  alaron4 Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:49 pm

I don't contribute much here, so here's a mini review of last night's Broadway production.

I am unsure who played the Phantom.  The Playbill says that Laird Mackintosh is on Mon-Sat evenings... not sure what shows that leaves for James Barbour.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the most of the actors.  I did not enjoy Piangi.  He had a nasal voice that really bugged me.

Some fun tidbits...
ToM:  Andre (3 listed in the Playbill, I think I saw Richard Poole) was smitten with Carlotta.

Carlotta wasn't as "fake Italian" as she usually is.  That took me a while to get used to, but I liked it.  In general, Michelle McConnell played her less comically and more humanly, and I liked it.

Insolent boy: one of my favorite parts of the show, it establishes how powerful the Phantom is going to be.  I liked this one better than Cudia or Howard.

Title song: cape flips!  I love cape flips.  Aside, they should call the right and left orchestra partial view.  The candelabras blocked the actors for several seconds.  I almost want to say that the last note was recorded... It seemed like Christine was just opening her mouth.  Or it could just have been effortless for her, who am I to say.

In general, I *really* liked this Phantom/Christine pairing.  They played off each other well.

Stranger:  Phantom let Christine peak at his deformity, and she yelped.

Il Muto: Carlotta was gagging instead of groaning or ribbiting.  Nice touch.  She whispered to Christine "your part is silent, little toad".

DJT rehearsal: Reyer was really frustrated with the whole situation.  Strong sarcarm between Giry and Carlotta.

DJT: Firmin was more concerned with convincing us about the accident than the fact that Piangi was killed.  I didn't like that.

Final lair: Phantom was more pissed at himself and the situation than Christine.  He was more introspective, less violent.  "Make your choice" was an inpatient demand, not a bellowed command.

Kiss:  done with perfection, Phantom over-emphasizing that he didn't know what to do.


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Phantom 11/9 Empty Phantom 11/9

Post  Blind Phan Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:45 pm

:-) Awesome! Loved the Bway production when I "saw" it back in 2012. Wish to God I could go again! *Envy* You're so lucky! :-) Glad it was so good!

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