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My Reviews from Orlando and Atlanta 2010 with The US Tour!

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My Reviews from Orlando and Atlanta 2010 with The US Tour! Empty My Reviews from Orlando and Atlanta 2010 with The US Tour!

Post  TMGPhan Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:11 pm

Orlando Review
On February 5th, 2010, I attended a performance of The Phantom of the Opera at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando, FL. I saw Tim Martin Gleason , Marni Raab , and Sean MacLaughlin in the main roles. I was very impressed with Tim and Sean. Both of them were great performers. I loved their voices. Sean reminded me a lot of Steve Barton's Raoul. I wonder if he's even been told he sounds just like him?

The managers Andre and Firmin were so funny too. I couldn't stop laughing at them. Carlotta was great as well. DC Anderson and Kim Stengel were the only ones that are still left in the tour that I saw back on September 24th, 2005. They are amazing!!

Tim's performance was wonderful too!! I loved his emotions as the Phantom. His performance really touched me.

It was wonderful to have a great seat. I could actually see the actors' faces for a chance. Last time, I was way up in the balcony. I could see the chandelier come up and down. It was amazing to be that near to the stage. Smile

My friend Andrea and I were invited backstage after the show was over. DC Anderson invited us backstage. I got to meet him and Kim Stengel. DC showed us all around the backstage area. I even touched the chandelier. I didn't hurt it at all. :p It was so heavy! I couldn't believe how heavy it was. We also got to see all of the costumes and props. I saw Christine's Point of no Return dress. I touched it as well. It was amazing!!!Smile I even saw the Monkey too!!

February 5th was a wonderful night!! I won't ever forgot it! Thank you Phantom US Tour!!

Atlanta Review
I saw The Phantom of the Opera at the beautiful Fox theatre in Atlanta on July 10th, 2010 at the matinee performance. It was my third time seeing the show. I had just seen the current cast in Orlando on February 5th. The cast was just as wonderful as it was in Orlando.

Tim Martin Gleason is a wonderful Phantom. He’s my favorite Phantom that I’ve seen live. It was my second time seeing him as the Phantom. He’s amazing. I especially loved his version of The Music of the Night. His voice is very beautiful. He made me cry at the end of the show.

Kelly Grant was amazing as Christine. She’s the alternate Christine for Saturday matinees and Sunday evenings. I was very happy to have gotten to see her as Christine. She has a beautiful voice.

Sean MacLaughlin was amazing as Raoul. He has an amazing voice. I’ve seen him once already in Orlando. I loved how he sang All I Ask of You with Kelly.

DC Anderson and Michael McCoy were funny as the managers. I love the Prima Donna scene. I especially found it funny when Firmin says “We need you to.” It was very funny how he said it to Carlotta.

Luke Grooms was very funny as Piangi as well. It was my first time seeing him as Piangi.

Kim Stengel was amazing as Carlotta. She has always been Carlotta saw each time when I saw the tour. She’s my all time favorite Carlotta. She has an amazing voice.

The Wandering Child scene was a hit with my little sister. She wasn’t aware that the Phantom would be shooting out fireworks during the scene. She jumped back in her seat when he did that. It really surprised her for sure.

The Fox Theatre is the most perfect place for Phantom. It made me sad to think that it would be my last time I would see my favorite musical in my favorite theatre. The show was breathtaking. It was the best performance I’ve seen of Phantom. All of the cast are amazing. I won’t ever forget their amazing performances.

After the show was over, I went to the stage door to meet the cast. I met Kim, Luke, Sean, Tim and Kelly. They were so very sweet. Kim remembered me from Orlando. Sean also remembered me. He told me you look very familiar. I told him we were friends on Facebook. They both loved the cards I gave them. I was very happy to meet Tim at the stage door. I told him I enjoyed his performance and that I also saw him in Orlando. He’s so very sweet. He gave me a hug for the card I gave him. It was wonderful to meet Kelly as well. We’ve been talking to each other in the email since December. She loved the card I gave her. She loved the pretty design I had on the envelope. All of the cast are so very friendly. I’m happy to know them. I’m glad that I can support them during these last few months of the tour.

Thank you US Tour for all of the wonderful memories. I won’t ever forget your kindness towards me.

My next Phantom stop will be on my birthday on October 7th in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theatre.

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My Reviews from Orlando and Atlanta 2010 with The US Tour! Empty Re: My Reviews from Orlando and Atlanta 2010 with The US Tour!

Post  purplehaze93 Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:58 am

This was a cool review. Tim has really grown into the role which is nice to see! I saw him live when he was an understudy for Gary Mauer a while back, and its amazing to hear how much he's improved. I'm pretty glad he's done with Phantom though, he seems to have really spent a good chunk of his career dedicated to Phantom.

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