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Post  Alyssa Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:37 pm

Exciting news in the entertainment world. Joel Schumacher signed on with author, Susan Kay, to direct the movie adaption of her novel, "Phantom." Kay is especially pleased stating: "Phantom gives dimension to Erik unlike any other novel, including the original. We only see this creepy, psychotic and nasty zombie essentially trying to shack it up with some young hot chick. And while it's okay for James Woods to do that, it certainly is not acceptable in the minds of the young phantards."

So who will be Kay's leading man? With assistance from her dear friend, Stephanie Meyer (acclaimed author of the Twilight Saga) Kay made an almost immediate choice.

Phantom Phunny's Erikpattinson
Pattinson was excited to come on board, saying; "The Character Edward unfortunately left me with an unfortunate stigma. People don't think I can do movies unless I'm playing some skinny, overly sexual and attractive character. With Erik, I get to branch out." Pattinson was also reported as saying "The mask is like a metaphor for how ugly he is... it's so metaphorical it's literal."

*More coming soon!!*

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