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Where are the Canadian POTO Charity Auction Items

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 Where are the Canadian POTO Charity Auction Items Empty Where are the Canadian POTO Charity Auction Items

Post  Jamesaz Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:51 pm

In 1999 there was a charity auction of the Toronto Phantom stage items. This included the the monkey music box, a Paul Stanley Signature PS2000 guitar emblazoned with the The Phantom of the Opera logo, Christine's Bodice -- an actual costume from the "Il Muto" scene, Christine's Cape -- a full length pale green silk cape with an attached hood originally worn by Rebecca Caine as Christine in the rooftop scene, etc. Does anyone know where these items are today? I hope they are still in great condition and have not been thrown out in the garbage.

I was blessed to have obtained from another phantom collector the Raoul's Vest that was won from this auction. I still cherish it and have cared for the vest to ensure it will never get damaged, as I do with each and every item that I ever bought. I have always had the opinion that I only temporarily possess these wonderful items until they are passed to the next pfan. Sadly, some items which I buy from others have been neglected.

Recently I bought from a small Arizona auction a stage-worn Phantom ring, Raouls's shirt worn by Gary Baker in 1991, and Phantom Fedora worn by Jeff Keller in 1992 New York performance. These items are still in great shape and have not been neglected. And now it is my responsibility to care for them until the next collector. We all have this responsibility for these very special stage-used items that are part of history. Sorry for the rambling, but you can see I take my collecting very serious.

Also, does anyone know who has the Las Vegas Monkey Music Box?


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