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Lawrence Rosen Paul Schierhorn THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Musical

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Lawrence Rosen  Paul Schierhorn THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Musical Empty Lawrence Rosen Paul Schierhorn THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Musical

Post  Phantomasc Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:57 am

All I really KNOW about the background of this version is that it was a community theater production in the Hirschfeld Theatre, in Miami Beach Florida in the first half of June in 1991, because the DVD I bought from Amazon has no bonus features. ):! Anyway here's my opinion.

If this musical had been around about 60 years ago, it would had been the one on Broadway. The musical reminds me of the Broadway version of "Peter Pan"

However it is a musical and a good one The Andrew Lloyd Webber version does have more depth, thanks to Charles Hart's lyrics and is closer to the novel, but this musical DOES NOT SUCK. The music is beautiful, and the lyrics are direct, but provide a change in perspective that is enlightening to the legacy of the story, in mainly film, and WHY there are a group of "Phans." Erik says "I am whatever you want me to be" after seeing 35 versions I can tell you this is true, The musical explores the fact that people have come back to watch other VERSIONS of the story, and asks WHY. This version in the song "Something Out There" alludes to Erik being somewhat of of a Guardian Angel, capable of making your wildest dreams come true. I wish this version was long enough for that idea to be fully explored, for as an Andrew Lloyd Webber version Phan, I KNOW that is true.

the music for the Masquerade I recognised from a version of Hansel and Gretel, one of my favorite fairy tales. :)You are set up for a Phantom darker in personality than what he is. This might not be the best version of the story in the musical genre, but it is a good musical ON ITS OWN.

It is disturbingly similar to the Andrew Lloyd Webber version, enough so that countless Phans have complained about that. However I feel that the similarities are do to its 90 minute run time, so it could be fit into a two hour time slot for TV. What do you think? Do you know anything more about its background?


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