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The 1989 Film

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The 1989 Film Empty The 1989 Film

Post  ladygodiva Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:43 pm

while there were some interesting things about this one, the costumes, I did not like the sell his soul to be a great composer,

Carlotta was fantastic played by Stephanie Laurence, she took over Eliane Paige as Evita on the london stage

I just did'nt go for Freddie Krueger as phantom, and I do think that Richard England is a fair actor, and in the past had steped out of freddies nails, just was'nt cool


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The 1989 Film Empty Re: The 1989 Film

Post  Phantom245w44st Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:45 am

I call this film the slasher version I think other phans do too. It's a bizarre retelling of the story but has a few random good points. The most awful phantom movie IMO is Julian Sands 1999 phantom, I discredit that one big time because phantom's face isn't even deformed and it makes absolutely no sense at all like LND.

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The 1989 Film Empty Re: The 1989 Film

Post  Paula74 Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:31 pm

This version was just added to Netflix for streaming.

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The 1989 Film Empty Re: The 1989 Film

Post  Countess of Rothes Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:45 pm

I actually rather like Robert Englund as the Phantom. If you're looking for an unabashedly murderous Phantom, he's it. He owns what the character is, and I think he's quite believable in the role.

My main problem with this movie is the slasher aspect of it. I hate horror movies, and never would have watched it if it weren't a Phantom film. I really disliked all the blood and guts, and generally don't watch those parts. (And yes, I realize that these two paragraphs are in direct opposition to each other!) I don't like the selling-his-soul-to-the-devil part either. It's an obvious Faust reference, which is nice to see used since so many later adaptions jettison it, but I really prefer Erik to be a great composer all on his own, without needing help.

I am also really amused by Christine's bangs. FYI fluffy, curly bangs were very in fashion in the 1880s, which is when this film is obviously set given the dresses. The eighties are, in fact, really the only decade in the entire nineteenth century when bangs are worn; they're inaccurate for any other time. And while I applaud that the costumer got that right...I really doubt it's because someone did their research. I think it's because curly bangs were also in fashion in the 1980s, when this film was made! And that amuses me. Films pretty much always have vestiges of whatever the current fashions are; it's really difficult for modern people to entirely get away from what they think is attractive. And in this case that worked, by what was likely total accident.

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The 1989 Film Empty Re: The 1989 Film

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