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High School and College Productions

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Post  StrangerThanUDreamt on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:03 pm

Went to see the local college production, really wish I hadn't...for starters the timing was way off, the chandelier (which looked like it had seen better days) was already being hoisted to the ceiling before the overture even begun! Blasphemy! The Carlotta was very strong, and really surprised me vocally. But the trio...while decent singers, just had no chemistry at all; and MoTN was dreadful, sue to the fact Christine just sat in the boat the whole time, while the Phantom read the lyrics from a cheat-sheet of libretto taped to the bottom of the boat! Many around me noticed and weren't too happy. No chandelier crash...just a blackout..very anti-climactic. Act two was..meh, PoNR was ruined again by the Phantom having the libretto laying on the table, so Christine and the Phantom spent the whole number just sitting there while he read from the score. A lot of flubbed lines, half the cast was doing french accents, the other half american, no consistency. I made my thoughts well known to the powers that be, after seeing it.

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