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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale

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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale Empty Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale

Post  eriksmate Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:43 pm


Despite being an enormous Phan, I'm new here. It's a great site!!

Anyway, I'm selling one of my prized posessions and hoping it will go to a good home! It's a litho of Robert Heindel's phenomenal piece - Music of the Night.

It's on eBay at the moment...I cant post links yet as I'm a newbie.

Just a heads-up because it took me a while to find one in the first place several years ago...


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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale Empty Re: Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale

Post  StrangerThanUDreamt Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:46 am

Very interested, I collect Phantom art!

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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale Empty Re: Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale

Post  Raphael Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:39 am

Welcome to Deserted Phans, eriksmate! Glad to have you here Smile Feel free to introduce yourself in the "Fondest Greetings" thread in the Land of Random subforum so we can get to know you better.

Love that piece by Heindel. And it would make a great companion piece to a couple other Heindels I own. But sadly, due to the expenses I have and will be facing this year (all Phantom-related, as a matter of fact), it's out of my price range at the moment Sad But I'm positive you'll find a buyer for it!



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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale Empty Attempting to Sell I'm Here... by Robert Heindel...

Post  ChristineDaae1982 Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:24 am

I most certainly do so hope that I am posting this in the right area of the form boards... by all means! Please move wherever deemed necessarily appropiate if I have not posted this in the right area, once again!

I too am attempting to sell my litho from Heindel of: "I'm Here... I'm Here... I'm Here" (I believe that it is). I purchased it apporxmately 17 years or so ago -- I was about 18 to 21 at the given timeframe --at a rather large neighboorhood garage sale up a little down south from where I used to live. That would be Corte Madera from Napa, I firmly believe that rather large neighborhood garage sale was held at... but it's been ever so long that I just don't recall where the garage sale was... all that I do recall was that I did, truly purchase the litho up north, somewhere. I originally used to reside in Napa, in saying all this, now I currently reside in Ventura, California.

I originally purchased the litho for $10, talking original owner of the litho down from $20. However, I personally do not know how much the litho is worth, now currently, with Heindel passed on, and if the litho is actually worth more than that than it being in its original glass picture frame.

You see, the glass just ever so slightly cracked above the bottom left corner, facing. Therefore, I would honestly love to find an "apprasier" of sorts down where I live now in Ventura, California. Best said, someplace to price compare it on the Internet. I'd absolutely abhor parting with the litho (and please, by all means, someone on the form boards correct me if I am dead off in even calling it a litho... Raphael, are you reading this???!!!) Wink however, I am all too unfortunately unemployeed and am in that severe money crunch, if you can all understand where it truly is that I am coming from in saying that!!!!!!!

I haven't found a website soliciting this particular print, anywhere... despite the condition that mine is in. If someone on the form boards can please direct me to a website, then I can perhaps go from there. I am fathoming that extreme particular guess that these litho of Heindel's are either that "dime-a-dozen," meaning a great deal of them were issued and aren't as "highly collectable," regardless of the artist who did them has now since passed on, or they are just the exact opposite: they are extremely collectable (regardless of the condition mine's in -- despite the extremely minor crack, left facing, the litho is in prime, mint condition). I'm going to need to be educated here on this, also, in seeing as though I, personally am taking that extreme educated guess about the litho here with everything previously stated, and that I am completely naive in this particular area of expertiese in "Phandom."

Thank you all for your immense help here! It is most sincerely appreciated! If necessary, I shall enclose a picture of the litho to show you all where the crack and how big the crack is, if necessary. Please keep me informed!

Thank you all ever so very much again ~


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Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale Empty Re: Robert Heindel's MOTN for sale

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