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Sweet Intoxication

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Sweet Intoxication Empty Sweet Intoxication

Post  Gainesified Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:27 pm

Sweet Intoxication
By Gainesified

Author’s Note: This will eventually be an Erik/Christine; just thought I’d clear that up.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters; please don’t sue.


I could hear organ music somewhere. Pale, yellow light seeped in from a door left ajar – but by whom – a ghost? Standing unsteadily on my feet, I made my way over to the mysterious door and pushed it open. Candlelight filled my eyes, and as they adjusted, I saw the source of the music. A man wearing a cape and fedora was seated at a rather elaborate pipe organ. As I entered, he stopped playing and turned to face me, beckoning with one graceful finger.

I stepped closer, and as I did, I noticed things about this mysterious man. For one thing, he seemed to be lost inside himself. It was almost as if he did not know what to say to other people. Another thing – more aesthetic than anything else – was the white porcelain half-mask that covered the right side of his face. However, the odd thing was that he did not seem to need the mask. It was as if he was wearing it as a disguise, but that was impossible, right?

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