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Artists Block. Taking requests.

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Artists Block. Taking requests. Empty Artists Block. Taking requests.

Post  Alyssa Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:22 am

I'm going through a serious case of artists block, and I haven't drawn anything Phantom related in years. So I thought, maybe the phorum could help me out.

1- Must be Phantom of the Opera related
2- One request will be drawn at a time.
3- ALL requests will be sketched, but if I become particularly fond of one I'll color it.
4- Be as descriptive or vague as you want. More description means what you have in mind is more likely to get drawn; more vague means I can do pretty much whatever the hell I want. Artistic liberties and such.
6- No 2004 movie requests
7- Please be specific in "Leroux", "ALW" or any other rendition.

Much obliged!

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Artists Block. Taking requests. Empty Re: Artists Block. Taking requests.

Post  PhantomAngel777 Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:45 am

I had a Phantom dream a while back that I've been slowly writing out...

ALW Phantom, modern... basically in my dream, Christine has snuck out of her room after hearing beautiful piano music in the middle of the night. She's in a silk navy robe that drags the floor, her hair (brunette) is down and curled about her shoulders. She sneaks into his music room, which is basically in the middle of a huge library (think Beauty and the Beast library) and Erik is playing at a black grand piano that looks out on a huge floor to ceiling window, with long thick drapery. Majority of the view out the window is a starry sky and the shadows of hills. He's wearing a white shirt, black slacks, white half mask and looks a bit disheveled.

She quietly moves in and sits on a large dark red 40's era couch near the back of the room where he can't immediately see her, her feet pulled up underneath her and listens to him play, a enamored/pleased look on her face as this is the first she finds herself not wholly frightened of him. The room is dimly lit by sconces along the walls.

Hope that's helpful and useable. Smile

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