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Looking for artwork for a new POTO podcast.

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Looking for artwork for a new POTO podcast. Empty Looking for artwork for a new POTO podcast.

Post  Blind Phan Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:30 pm

Hi all! So I'm getting ready to launch a new POTO podcast, and I'm looking for some one to do the logo, cover-art etc. And I'd love it best if that person was also a Phan! The concept for the podcast is to explore what I'm calling intersectional Phanship - so, looking at how POTO and being a Phan entangles with things like gender, race, Disability, etc. To get a sense of the kind of discussion, check out my website in my signature. The podcast hasn't been announced there yet, but many of the posts there cover the kind of issues I plan to talk about.

Anyway, if that's of interest to you, PM me and I can give more details. :-) Thanks!

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