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How actors/actresses played their Characters, anybackstories

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How actors/actresses played their Characters, anybackstories Empty How actors/actresses played their Characters, anybackstories

Post  ladygodiva Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:35 pm

one time another phan asked Olga Talyn if she had a backstory for Madame Giry, the phan said that I thnk that you play Mme Giry as the Phantom's mother, Miss Talyn said no, but she did believe that her Giry was the Phantoms sister and that her Giry was on morphine, due to Giry's early arthritis and her poor bone health.

Another phan asked Terri Bibb while she was on tour as Christine why she does not run after she unmasks the phantom after don Jaun, Terri Bibb replied Christine is both at the same time terrified and made bolder at that same time,


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How actors/actresses played their Characters, anybackstories Empty Re: How actors/actresses played their Characters, anybackstories

Post  operafantomet Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:24 pm

I remember loving Hanne Damm when I saw her as Christine in 2000 and 2001. She had such a grand voice and was the perfect Christine acting and look wise. But it' so long ago I've forgotten all details. So it was extra fun to find this old interview where she explains her view on the role:

»Karakteren Christine er velkendt - den ligner mange andre piger. Hun starter som mange andre unge piger med at finde sig selv. Jeg tror, hun har en faderbinding, selv om han er død, har hun ikke sluppet ham, og som jeg ser det i den store sammenhæng, finder hun sit eget jeg i Fantomet. Hun oplever for første gang, at hun finder sine skyggesider, hele sit indre jeg, sine følelser og seksualiteten og på den måde frigør hun sig fra sin far og kan arbejde sig hen mod at blive et modent menneske. Et menneske med et godt hjerte, der er i stand til at vise accept over for et svagere menneske,«

Roughly translated: The character Christine is well known - it reminds of many other girls. She's starting to find herself. I think she is closely connected to her father even though he is dead, and she hasn't let go of him, and as I see it in the overall story, she finds herself in the Phantom. She faces her dark sides, her whole inner self, her emotions and her sexuality, and because of this she's liberating herself from her father and can work on becoming a mature human. A human with a good heart, one that's able to show accept of a weaker human being".


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