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Post  Admin Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:42 pm

You're all smart people. You might not need this. But we still want to put out some guidelines for this forum, so we don't come yelling at you for stuff you couldn't possibly know, just because we didn't provide you with rules.

1. No references in any way to illegal material/bootlegs on Youtube or video/copied CD's etc. This includes stills from bootlegs. It's might be common knowledge that these things exist but it opens this forum and owner(s) to legal issues. The exception with YouTube videos would be if it was something that was aired on television, official footage from the production etc.

2. No posting of photos from private Facebook pages etc of actors unless you have permission from that person.

3. No posting of things that amount to gossip about actors. What goes on in their private lives is just that, private. Some performers read forums like these and don't need to see that sort of thing. Also, those who don't aren't here to defend themselves. Things might be different than how it appears for outsiders. Exceptions are of course stuff actors publish in their website, info from interviews and so on.

4. No posting of anything defamatory, libellous, obscene or threatening towards anyone.

5. Respect the the race, religion, nationality, sexual preference etc of fellow forum members and performers.

6. The forum is a great place for discussions of different point of views but please keep things to a friendly tone. We can all "play nice" and learn to agree to disagree. If you have differences with someone, please take it to private messages. If in doubt, contact moderators.

7. Going off topic is sometimes necessary for the dynamic of a thread, and is not frowned upon - but try to stay on topic.

8. If content is found to go against the above rules, the Owner(s) and Moderator(s) have the right to edit or even delete posts. We do not want to delete posts unless absolutely necessary. We would prefer to lock a topic and post a note as to the reason why.

This is a forum for the phans, our little home after having wandered through the desert (read: several crashed forums)... Feedback is of course welcome. You can always contact me or moderators if you have any questions or suggestions. As of now, our working moderator is MasqPhan. You can contact me either through my evil admin self or as the kinder Anéa/operafantomet. There are other to contact in extreme emergency too, namely Scorp, Phantomlove and Raphael. They have access to the admin panel, and can (hopefully) fix eventual issues if MasqPhan and/or myself is not around.

To new members: welcome!

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