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Comments from the 10th Anniversary

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Comments from the 10th Anniversary Empty Comments from the 10th Anniversary

Post  Paula74 Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:29 pm

I was going through my box of programs and theatre magazines and found a copy of In Theater with a special feature on Phantom's tenth anniversary on Broadway. It's got a ton of good stuff in it, including comments from the actors who'd played the Phantom to that point and the creative team. I figured they'd be of interest here.


Maria Bjornson

My first reaction when they told me what they were doing was, "Have you got three theaters to put it all in? But I was thrilled to work on the show. I think the whole thing is about sex. The journey into the Phanton's lair is a sexual metaphor. I try to move and disturb the audience. You may not see it, but you feel it.

Berthe Ward, stage manager

It's a timeless story. A wonderful score. Stunning stagecraft. Beautiful costumes. Victorian romanticism. How could you not fall in love with this show?

Leila Martin, Madame Giry

I think part of the show's success can be attributed to the fact that the cast and crew are a family. Maybe that sounds like a cliche, but at Phantom, it's true. People move on, have babies, get married, but we have very strong emotional ties to each other. We have reunions. We stay in touch. We are part of a wonderful club - the greatest club in theater history - and that affection, that pride, shows in each and every performance, day after day, year after year.

George Lee Andrews

The high quality of production has been sustained over the past ten years - I think that's its lasting appeal. And the brilliance of the work and the people who put it together: Andrew's passionate score, Hal's seamless direction, Maria's incredible details. It's a timeless story, and I think it will be a timeless show.

David Romano

I have very fond memories of creating the role of Piangi on Broadway and playing him for two and a half years. My favorites, Joan Sutherland visiting me backstage in my dressing room, and listening to Leila Martin talk about playing Pia Zadora's mother in the cult film "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!"

Gillian Lynne

Phantom is lush and big and romantic. Andrew gave the world an epic. Where would theatre be without him?

Russell Easley, Raoul's dresser

It's the perfect musical and it never fails to move me every time I see it. Coming from someone who's been watching it for ten years, that's saying a lot.

Mary Leigh Stahl

Whether you see it one time or twenty, you get your money's worth. I remember the curtain call on opening night - the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience. We knew at that moment we had a hit on our hands.

Richard Warren Pugh, Auctioneer

I remember watching Michael Crawford on opening night. He sang "Let your spirit start to soar..." and the note left his hand as he stretched it out and just floated over the audience. It was magic, as is the entire show. It's a true fairy tale, filled with love, fear, joy, self-sacrifice, courage, nobility, rejection, and salvation. Everyone who sees it finds some mirror of themselves in the character.

Thelma Pollard, production makeup supervisor

The appeal of Phantom? First, everyone loves a love story, and I think the audience constantly finds something about these characters that is part of their own life. The spectacular effects, the direction, the costumes, set, sound, hair and makeup, the wonderfully talented cast who care enough to take time to sign autographs, share a smile, or participate in fund-raisers. The patrons somehow feel touched.


I'll get to the comments from the Phantom actors later and there's a couple of black and white pictures that I may scan.

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Comments from the 10th Anniversary Empty Re: Comments from the 10th Anniversary

Post  InkedAlchemist Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:57 am

Have that issue too, somewhere... it's a good one. I think there's an interview with Crawford, too, if I'm not mistaken...

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