Phantom at Det Ny Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark, Autumn 2018!!

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Phantom at Det Ny Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark, Autumn 2018!!

Post  Jennie on Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:49 pm

Very happy. The brilliant Ny Teater is putting on Phantom this autumn!

The theatre website here:

The cast lists some familiar names, among them Tomas Ambt Kofoed, my very favourite Rrrraoul of all time, and Louise Fribo who sings enchantingly. Operafantomet always says that she could sing the phone directory and make it sound wonderful.... (For those of you who don't know what the phone directory is... it's a B.I. (Before Internet) phenomenon: it was a huge catalogue containing names and telephone numbers. You couldn't google people, but had to "look them up in the book".

Tomas' name is at the top of the list, I wonder if this means he will be the Phantom??? Have seen him as the Phantom in LND, which he did splendidly well, but his Rrrraoul is incomparable.

The only downside in all this, is the rotten exchange rate between Sweden and Denmark. The Danish currency is depressingly expensive at the moment.


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