Phantom of the Opera: A Social History of the World's Most Popular Musical

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Phantom of the Opera: A Social History of the World's Most Popular Musical

Post  Blind Phan on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:34 am

:-) Literally just finished binge-reading this book, and wondering if other Phans have read it? What did you think? I have to say that I really enjoyed it, although I didn't always agree with the author's analysis. For one thing, I think she's a fan, although mercifully not uncritically so, of both the Gerik and LND. And for another, her primary focus is the social processes of the creation of the original stage-musical, the 2004 film and LND. Whereas I wish she'd spent more time on Phantom as a cultural phenomenon. Although, she does analyse, and does it well too, the ways the internet has changed the relationship between audiences/fans and producers/creators, using the campaigns around LND as a case-study. She speaks respectfully of us Phans, though, which I appreciate! In spite of her being a trained psychologist, she doesn't disparage or pathologize our obsessions. That being said, although she likes Phantom, stage and film, and LND, I don't think she's a Phan herself. Still, for a non-Phan, I thought she did a really good job!

Btw, fun fact. She mentions folks from this site in connection with the Love Should Die campaign! Phantom JT? Wink You're cited in an academic text! Awesome!

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