ebay: one-of-a-kind painted window - Michael Crawford/Phantom

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ebay: one-of-a-kind painted window - Michael Crawford/Phantom

Post  AngelOfMuzic on Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:19 pm

Hello everyone!

I belong to another forum phantomoftheopera.com and through there I found this wonderful site!

I am selling my Michael Crawford/Phantom one-of-a-kind window on eBay and I saw a post there (on phantomoftheopera.com) where a moderator suggested to advertise here too!

Since I am new to this site, I'm not allowed to post external links for a few days! So if you're interested in looking at the window, you can do an ebay search for:
Michael Crawford painted glass
(At this point, my item is the only one that comes up.)

It ends soon, but I will be continually re-listing it until it sells.  At some point, though, I may stop listing it and prepare it for the trash heap.

Thanks for looking!


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