ALW Phantom Stage Show Re-Designs

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ALW Phantom Stage Show Re-Designs

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:08 pm


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Re: ALW Phantom Stage Show Re-Designs

Post  LadyCDaae on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:02 am

Well, here's some general ideas I've had for alternate costumes:

~I'd kind of like to see the wedding dress done in a Natural design. This is kind of a hard style to get right with all the draping and ruffles, but something like these two could work:

~Given the time period and setting, I'd like to see some Aesthetic movement influences. (Not on Carlotta, she's too stylish--I could see Meg going for it though.) I like the rose dress in the picture below, and a medieval-influenced dressing gown, with long flowing sleeves, could look really cool:

~Mme. Giry needs a proper Masquerade costume. For serious. Everyone else gets cool costumes and she has to make do with a sparkly shawl and a hat? No fair. I'd put her in something Greco-Roman:

Speaking of Greco-Roman...I'm not quite sure how it would work after the UK tour's crap "Il Muto" costumes, but since the slave girls in "Hannibal" are spoils of a war with Rome, shouldn't they be dressed like Romans? Maybe some kind of modified chiton or tunica with belting around the torso to give it some shape...I dunno.



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